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The Nutscratcher Suite All at the 12 Bar
Hertford Marquee
Get that bloody thing off
Rebellion Blackpool. Thanks for picture Hannah
The Hen and Chicken, Balstock
Courtesy of the Derita Sisters
Some shithole in Hitchin
The Marquee, Hertford
They built a wall to keep us out of Berlin
Greetings Berliner's
Before or after a gig in Munich?
Do you speak Welsh?
Museli sucks
Reloaded with farts and ready to go
Dragging their hangovers behind them
The Chemie Fabrik in Dresden
The Fartmeister consults Dr Brudi, the world authority on farting
On stage in Dresden
When the gigs are all done?
At Torgau
Sean hits Totgau
At the Bridgehouse2 2008
The 12 Bar Club in London
From the stage at Blackpool
Rebellion Blackpool. Thanks for picture Hannah

Club 85

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