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The Drones on The Bleach Boys SK gig
Hitchin Comet April 2016 SK gig
Hitchin Comet April 2016 SK gig
Taken at the above gig SK gig
From Review of a recent gig
From the Welwyn and Hatfield Times 2nd Feb 2005 "The Bleach Boys then took over with an ultra-loud, manic set which had the crowd bouncing along."
From the Daily Mirror 30 July 2001
From Punk77 web site Click here for site The Bleach Boys.Formed in Hitchin in 1977 and originally called the Fur Coughs. Brilliant songs described by themselves as The best way to describe the BLEACH BOYS is very loud and very fast. If you want to put a musical style on them, forget it, music really doesn't come into it. They really do play punk of a style which has gone out of fashion. It is not polically correct, there are no hidden meanings but the songs are memorable and there is a sense of hunour in everything they do. Check out Chloroform / You've Got Nothing (1978 Tramp Records) and the excellently titled Stocking Clad Nazi Death Squad Bitches (1978 Tramp records) are the highlights. Unfortunately their records are rare and cost an arm and a leg.Essential. You can find Chloroform on the compilation lp Cheap And nasty Vol 1 Canned Maggot Records. Still about in some disguise Frankenstein - Vocals Thermo - guitar Jimmy Jesus - Bass Nuke - Drums

(Note from Bleach Boys - they are right about just about everything except Stocking Clad is not on Tramp (Zombie International) and was not from 1977)

From a record collectors site Click here for site BLEACH BOYS - Stocking Clad Nazi Death Squad Bitches 12" EP DM 120,- / $ 60 Very rare second and last release by british legends. Brilliant songs

(Note from the Bleach Boys - Stocking Clad is not our latest release, but nice of them to mention us- especially the Brilliant Songs )
From a US based trading site Click here for site Bleach Boys - singles + some | 7/12 | A/B- | STD VAR>CDR1 The Bleach Boys are slightly legendary british punk rockers from 1976/7. As anyone who's heard of them knows, either of their singles will set you back $75 at the very least. This has both of their singles plus White Christmas, a recent recording that hasn't been officially released (mp3 sourced, but it's not available on the net), and a new version of Chloroform was left off the version of their only album. Go to and buy the damned album. It's worth it. The Bleach Boys also have a website up:, they seem to be pretty cool (well, they didn't bitch at me for trading this stuff around), so go and visit. And buy their damned album from Chloroform / You Got Nothing / Stocking Clad Nazi Deathsquad Bitches / Nuclear War / Death by Disco / White Christmas / Chloroform (album version) (Note from the Bleach Boys - we aint gonna bitch about someone who says that about us. We are still going though!!
From Switchboard Click here for site - June edition) THE BLEACH BOYS are great, and play totally uncompromising big sounding loudmouthed and offensive - just the way we like it. Their punk and roll sound may never make it on to MTV but I doubt they care. The thing about this band is that despite the crudeness and the dirty lyrics is that they're fun and it doesn't matter how low they go you can't deny they are a good very confident sounding band. By the end of the night there was quite a pit going for the band and a lot of smiling faces. Check them out for a smile and some good music.
From Switchboard Click here for site - November edition) The Bleach Boys have been around for as long as I can remember, (even gracing us with their presence back in the days of Ye Olde Switchboard Magazine) I can even recall seeing their name spray painted on an underpass in Stevenage town centre some time in the early 90’s. They have been dishing out good, honest punk since day one and this chunk of punk is business as usual, I mean, - look at the CD title ferchristsakes. Oh, and if the band are reading this, the Ed even had to pay £1.60 at the post office because you hadn’t put enough postage on the envelope! Yes folks, that’s how much they just don’t care… Track one, ‘Stealth’, is anything but. It doesn’t mess about with intros or anything like that; instead it launches into a three-chord bonanza including the requisite shout along chorus with Johnny Rotten style cacklings and clocks in at under two minutes. Track two, ‘We’ve got the bomb and we’re gonna use it’ has a killer ‘Dead Kennedy’s’ style Psychotic surf guitar riff and doesn’t require a lyric sheet, as most of the words are in the title. I’m not sure if I can mention the title of track three in a family website, (Why not? Katie Raincoat does! Ha! – Pete, Ed.) -but god only knows what he’s going on about anyway. Something to do with croutons and seagulls, great fun though, with a nifty mosh pit inducing ‘break it down’ stylee ending. Track four wins the award for the greatest song title of the year and will have you singing along within 10 minutes. All together now “Jesus stole my underwear, Jesus stole my underwear, Jesus stole my underwear, the Devil’s in my pants!” I’m not sure what a ‘Lesbian sex commando’ is, but the person that married one is the subject of the final track, and very jolly it is too. With the whole disc not even making the eleven-minute mark, this is an ideal purchase if you have a short attention span. No marks for originality, but personally, I love this kind of thing and if your kids think punk consists of bands like ‘Good Charlotte’ or (shudder) ‘Busted’ or if Avril Lavinge is held up as a goddess of rebellion in your household then you might want to pick up this slice of polycarbonate. Your children will run screaming from the building and I mean that in a good way. This lot would eat today’s manufactured ‘pop punk’ bands for breakfast and throw up on your doorstep. It’s loud, fast and not very PC and everyone who voted on ‘Pop Idol’ should be forced to listen to it. Check ‘em out at

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