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Bleach Boys T-shirt
Bleach Bottle
Bleach Boys logo T-Shirt.
Guantanamo Baby/Deathlist.
New Single - £2.50
Less than the price of a pint
Limited edition Bleach Boys T Shirt.
Front design
One Size fits all. £10.01 + pp
Bleach Boys/Zombie International logo
On the back of the shirt is the best description of the BLEACH BOYS ever written backt
The bicycle song/Weirdo - 7" single - Zombie International Records - £2.50 + pp bicycle
Taking the 'O' out of country - 5 track CD on Zombie International - December 2002 - £4.99 + postage & packing country
BRAIN PLUGINS SPAGHETTI, 16 tracks covering 1977 to 2004, including some unreleased stuff. Also features the Bleach Boys on video. Email for price and availability brain

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