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Released on vinyl in 2018, this is the Bleach Boys most recent recording containing 3 original tracks which have become live favourites. On one side is No Moral Fibre and on the other is Plastic Sex and Tapeworm
16 Tracks, including some unreleased, plus video. Covering 1977 to 2004. Limited edition in association with Fragile Records of Berlin.
November 2004.
We were approached by a guy from Rome to see if we had any unreleased stuff and after digging around through boxes of tapes, we pulled this together which includes rough recordings of released and unreleased tracks. Bearing in mind it featured our original singer who had sadly died, we thought it to be a fitting tribute to him to name it Fur Coughs from the Grave
Released in 2009, We've got the bomb contains 8 tracks of original material and was the last item we recorded with Sean as our drummer. Tracks include Pogo, Kill All Celebrities, Chav and Shithead.
Taking the 'O' out of country - 5 track CD on Zombie International
December 2002
Chloroform/You've got nothing - 7" single - Tramp records
Stocking Clad - 12" single - Zombie International Records
Children of Wallyworld go wild for kicks - 4 track live tape - Zombie International Records
4 Cyclists of the Apocalypse - CD - Zombie International Records/Damage
The bicycle song/Weirdo - 7" single - Zombie International Records

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