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Date Venue
14th July 2024 Prince Albert Brighton
28th June 2024 The Birds Nest Deptford
31 May 2024 Hope and Anchor Islington
9th Feb 2024 The Devonshire Arms Camden
28th December 2023 Esquires Bedford with Sick On The Bus
17th November 2023 Club85 with ANL, Hitchin
27th October 2023 Queens Head, Brixton
30th September 2023 Punk for the Homeless, The Sumac Centre, Nottingham
16th September 2023 Club85 Memorial for John, Hitchin
30th July 2023 66 Bar Cambridge
28th July 2023 The Engine Baldock Fund Raiser
8th July 2023 The Birds Nest, Deptford
30th June 2023 Punk all dayer - Esquires, Bedford
9th June 2023 The Trinity, Harrow
13th May 2023 The Queens Head, Brixton
25th March 2023 The Hope and Anchor, Islington
2nd February2023 The Hertford Club, Hertford
23rd December 2022 The Dublin Castle, London
22nd December 2022 The Hertford Club, Hertford
2nd December 2022 The New Cross Inn, London
19th November 2022 Morecambe Punk Festival
8th October 2022 Bar Six Six, Cambridge
9th September 2022 Hen and Chickens, Baldock (part of Balstock)
27th August 2022 Nestival at the Birds Nest Depford
7th August 2022 Hen and Chickens, Baldock (late afternoon gig)
6th August 2022 Esquires, Bedford
15th July 2022 The Unholy Mestival, Bikers Pub, Sutton Coalville (CANCELLED)
10th July 2022 The Prince Albert Brighton (afternoon gig)
1st July 2022 The Red Lion, Stevenage
3rd June 2022 The Birds Nest Depford
4th February 2022 Esquires, Bedford
28th January 2022 Red Lion, Stevenage
8th October 2021 Elecrowerkz, Torrens Street london
2nd October 2021 The New Cross Inn, New Cross
19th September 2021 The Amersham Arms, New Cross, London
11th September 2021 The White Lion Baldock (as part of Balstock)
4th July 2021 The Amersham Arms, New Cross Cancelled due to covid
5th December 2020 Glockenbachwerkstatt, Munich
13-15 November 2020 The Morecambe Punk Festival - date to be confirmed
26th September 2020 The Blacksmiths Arms, Milton Keynes
3rd July 2020 Punk for Mental Health , The Dublin Castle, London
13th June 2020 The New Cross Inn, London
14th March 2020 The Birds Nest, Depford
8th February 2020 Private event
14th December 2019 The Boston Arms, Tufnell Park, London
30th November 2019 Cortina Bob, Berlin
9th November 2019 The Hyde Park, St Neots
11th October 2019 The Birds Nest, Depford, London
15th Sept 2019 The Victoria, Baldock (Balstock)
7th Sept 2019 Esquires, Bedford
21st August 2019 The Monach , Camden, London
9th August 2019 The Birds Nest, Depford, London
5th August 2019 New Cross Inn, London (with DOA)
22nd June 2019 Club 85, Hitchin
4th May 2019 Esquires, Bedford
28th March 2019 The Red Lion, Stevenage
22nd March 2019 Dublin Castle, Camden
1st February 2019 The Empire Bar, Hackney
22nd December 2018 The Hen and Chickens, Baldock
14th December 2018 The Royal Sovereign, Clapton
1st December 2018 Glockenbachwerkstatt, Munich
16th November 2018 Pheonix Bar, High Wycombe
26th October 2018 The Gunners, Islington
5th October 2018 Eternit, Meldreth
22nd September 2018 The Gunners, Islington, MS Benefit Show
1st September 2018 Revelations Festival, Esquires, Bedford
31st August 2018 The Hope and Anchor, Islington
8th August 2018 New Cross Inn, London with the Weirdos
7th July 2018 Unholy Messtivle2, Coalville, Leicestershire
23rd June 2018 The Green Room, Welwyn Garden City. CANCELLED due to landlord double booking the hall AGAIN !!
10th June 2018 Sandon Fields Festival
25th May 2018 Boondocks, City Road, London
15th April 2018 New Cross Inn, London
7th April 2018 CANCELLED The Green Room, Welwyn Garden City
10th March 2018 New Cross Inn, London
17th February 2018 Club 85 Hitchin
30th December 2017 New Cross Inn, London
9th December 2017 The Anchor, Maidenhead
23rd November 2017 The Red Lion, Stevenage
9th November 2017 Wild at Heart, Berlin
4th November 2017 The Stags Head, Hoxton
27th October 2017 The Hen and Chickens 2, Baldock
5th October 2017 The Alley Cat, Denmark Street. A London Calling event
10th Sept 2017 Balstock Festival - Hen and Chickens around 18:00
28th August 2017 The Birds Nest, Depford, London
27th July 2017 The Alley Cat, Denmark Street. A London Calling event
15th July 2017 T-Chances, Tottenham
10 June 2017 New Cross Inn, London
2nd June 2017 The Royal Soveriegn, Clapton, London
28th May 2017 Blank Generation Festival, Bridgehouse 2, London
23rd April 2017 Rock and roll Barbie, True Reds, Shoreditch, London
18th March 2017 The Gunners , Islington, London
11th February 2017 T-Chances , Tottenham, London
29th December 2016 The Alley Kat, Denmark Street, London
17th December 2016 Punk for the homeless, Nottingham
16th December 2016 Ryans Bar, Stoke Newington
10th December 2016 Rome - Fanfulla 5a
2nd December 2016 The Rose and Crown, Baldock - UK Fur Cough from the Grave launch
11th September 2016 the Rose and Crown, Baldock - on about 18:30 (as part of Balstock)
13th August 2016 Punk Picnic, Nottingham
4th August 2016 Rebellion Blackpool
29th July 2016 The Gunners, Islington
16th July 2016 The Pipeline, Middlesex Street, E1 7EZ
1st July 2016 Stereo92, Stoke Newington
June 9th 2016 The Alley Cat Club, Denmark Street, London
May 12th 2016 The Gunners, Islington
April 30th 2016 The Bow Bells, London
1st April 2016 A celebration of Simon Kelly's life, Club 85, Hitchin
March 26th 2016 T-Chances, Tottenham
Feb 27th 2016 Punk for the Homeless, Nottingham
Feb 4th 2016 The Red Lion, Stevenage
12th December 2015 Bored Teenagers Vol 8 gig, The Plough and Anchor, Leytonstone, London
7 th November 2015 The Hope and Anchor, London
13th September 2015 Balstock Festival The Rose and Crown - on about 18:30, Baldock.
30th August 2015 Langford, Beds
4th August 2015 The Gunners, London, N5 (with the Derita Sisters)
1st August 2015 The Bridge, Shefford Beds
9th July 2015 The Dublin Castle, London
23rd May 2015 The Three Tuns, Gateshead
10th April 2015 The Gunners, London
15th March 2015 The Stillers, Camden
14th March 2015 The Bridge, Shefford
5th Feb 2015 The Red lion, Stevenage
27th Dec 2014 12 Bar Club, London
11th. Oct 2014 Davids Music, Letchworth
10th Oct 2014 12 Bar , London
4th Oct 2014 Club 85, Hitchin
27th September 2014 North London Punk Picnic
13th Sep 2014 Balstock Festival, Baldock
25th July 2014 The Green Room, Welwyn Garden City
28th June 2014 The 12 bar, london
24th May 2014 The Kings Arms, Hitchin
3rd April 2014 The Red Lion, Stevenage
14th March 2014 The Unicorn, Camden, London - Garageland
21st February 2014 Club 85, Hitchin
1st February 2014 The Flag, Watford (time 20:15)
27th December 2013 The 12 Bar, London

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